Our Story

I remember the time I lost faith in kindness, I believed there was no kindness left in the world.

I was bullied by someone of authority that I worked with, it affected me badly.

I knew I could do one of two things, I could continue to allow it to affect me OR I could do something to bring more kindness into the world.

I had always toyed with the idea of designing t shirts with kind message son them for my two boys, it was at this moment I decided that I wanted people everywhere, as many as I could get to wear my t shirts to spread more kindness into the world.


I design the t shirts, I print them at home, in my garage with my husband and two sons.

They are made with love and kindness, in the hope at least one person wearing them will be kinder and/or inspire someone to be kinder.


A small act of kindness changes everything, it changes your mindset, it will change someones day, and it will start to create a kinder world.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

We can only make a change if we actually change, change out mindset, out actions and our thoughts.


Often kindness gets forgotten about, often it isnt the intial way we choose to respond.

Being kind takes less energy than being mean.

Kind Is Cool was founded with the intent to lead by example and show our younger gergenerations that being kind is cool.

Proudly supporting the Alannah Madeline Foundation, we donate $1 from every sale, to help empower and support children and young people in need.

The change starts with you.

Be kind.